Spring into September

Winter is naturally a time of hibernation. This Perth winter has been especially cold and long it feels, and I know for one my favourite places in the mornings is often my warm bed, and in the evenings a nice herbal tea, wrapped in a blanket on the lounge. Winter naturally encourages us to hibernate, the cold weather, rain, it’s not often pleasant to be outdoors. Maintaining a dedicated yoga practice, or any form of exercise regime can easily be waylaid by the desire to simply be at home being quiet.

If you think about it – in terms of our evolution, it makes sense that we want to have the warmth and safety during winter. In our cave people days winter was a time when we would stock up on food, warmth and spend extended periods of time in our cave hibernating. We see the same in the animal world during winter.

Spring, however has arrived, and we have glorious days ahead. Spring is a time of rejuvenation, growth and revival. So too it is a time when we change our patterns, spend more time outdoors and often recommit to the outside activities we love, like yoga. If you have lost your yoga (or pilates, crossfit, running) mojo this winter, here are some great tips to get the most out of embracing Spring

  • Make a plan! Take a look at your schedule and book a class or walk or run in. Make sure you set an alert for the day before to remind you, so you have your yoga gear or running shoes
  • Find a buddy. A class is more fun with a friend! And they keep you honest, as you don’t want to let them down at the last minute if your winter habits of staying home kick in.
  • Eat lighter! Hibernation is over! It is time to begin to cut back on those heavy foods that feel nourishing in winter and begin to explore more fresh fruit and salad options for lunch and especially dinner
  • Mind Games! It sounds silly, but sometimes you need to play mind games with yourself to get your practice or exercise done! Research shows that reward is much better than punishment for achieving a desired outcome. So be sure to reward yourself! For me, I love a soy chai for when I finish practice, at the coffee shop right near Yoga Space West Perth. It is something to look forward to on the days I just don’t feel like practicing.
  • Sun’s out – guns out! Enjoy some Vitamin D in the less harsh sun of Spring, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on your skin during the times in the day the UV is safe.
  • Know it takes time. Changing habits is not always immediate, but using some of these tips will help you get there.

Enjoy your Spring everyone!



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